We are an independent team of game developers created in 2012. Our mission is to create fun games that not only entertain the players, but have deep meanings or are educational, because we believe in our vision of creating a better world. Video games are a combination of technology and art, which are the best tools for improving our society.



We found Orama Interactive when we were still in school, because we wanted to learn how to make games for fun. Now, we are making more interesting games, which we will publish, so we can share our creations with the rest of the world! We made a debut at the summer of 2017 with our first published game, "Youniverse", which was developed in our limited free time. Now that we have more time and abilities, we are developing more exciting experiences!



Art for us is a way for us to express our ideas and concerns about this world. Through fiction and stories never been told before, we aim to educate and make a better world for the future generations. We try to make our games meaningful, so that the player finds out truths about our society, or even themselves! We used to be called "Orama Game Studios" but then got renamed to "Orama Interactive" because of our need to expand our art in different mediums, as well as create useful tools for other creators! Contact us if you wish to collaborate with us on a future project or you want us to make a game for you!

We also tend to support free, open source programs such as Godot, Blender, Gimp and Krita, so that more of their kind get created in the future and as a means to "prove" that you can create quality content with free tools!



 July 12, 2017

Youniverse is a 2D platform game with puzzle elements and 2 possible endings, based on your decisions! Travel through space and time to overcome the obstacles that you will face in your adventure. Will you let your anger take control or will you give it a second thought and find the less obvious way?



October 21, 2018

Where Hope Lies is a short Virtual Reality game based on the Ancient Greek legend of Pandora, but with a different take. The game focuses more on human curiosity and all the amazing things humans achieved thanks to it. Solve puzzles, and choose humanity's future based on YOUR actions!



February 2, 2020

This is a platformer puzzle 2d game, with pixelart graphics. It is set during a post apocalyptic scenario, the protagonist is a robot that is damaged and finds its parts at first "repairing" itself. But the real repair isn't about the robot, but the actual world. Made for Global Game Jam 2020 within a weekend. The theme was: Repair



July 10, 2020

Technotribal  is a 2D retro looking puzzle-quiz game. Set on a parallel universe, a scientist is trying to find a way to train an Artificial Intelligence. He achieves that by linking the AI with beings from other universes-the players- and giving them the task to train it. Follow the AI's path to knowledge, guide it using the correct pieces of information through puzzle based levels and unlock both endings!



Orama Interactive may be focusing on digital games but our focus doesn't end there! Here you will find information and news about the utility tools we're creating!


Latest Version (v0.8) Released: September 23, 2020

Your free & open-source 2D sprite editor, made with the Godot Engine, using GDScript!



So far we still are a team and not a company. But we want to expand our dream and work full time in what we love doing.That's where you come in! You can help us grow in numerous ways. The obvious ones are to be involved with our work and share it with the rest of your world, join our discord server to be involved with our ever-growing community or just try out our projects for yourself! If you wish to take it to an even higher level, the best you can do is become a Patron. Alternatively, you can donate an amount of money at our itch.io page or even directly donate an amount of money via PayPal. In any case, thank you for being here and reading this text, it means a lot to us! 



Thank you for your interest in Orama Interactive. For any inquiries, commission requests or any other reason you may find necessary, please contact us today on our email. We’ll be happy to give you the information you need.

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