Released: July 12, 2017
Available for Android (Google Play and Amazon App Store)

Youniverse is a 2D platform game with puzzle elements and 2 possible endings, based on your decisions! Travel through space and time to overcome the obstacles that you will face in your adventure. Will you let your anger take control or will you give it a second thought and find the less obvious way?

Being our first game to publish as the "Orama Interactive" team, this game acts as a starting point and means a lot to us. The game has obvious mistakes that we can tell apart since it got released. We created it while still in school, as a means to keep our minds of tests and anxiety. It also helped us realise better what's out there, what our options in stores are, how to better advertise etc. There has been proposals within the team for a remake and a complete redesign, learning from our mistakes, but this is not our current priority. If you've played it and want to see a better, more polished version of it in the future, or if just want to support its creators, you can donate anytime!

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