Where Hope Lies

Released: October 21, 2018
Available for Windows with VR support (itch.io)

"Where Hope Lies" is a short Virtual Reality game based on the Ancient Greek legend of Pandora, but with a different take. The game focuses more on human curiosity and all the amazing things humans achieved thanks to it. Solve puzzles, and choose humanity's future based on YOUR actions!

This is our first game created after our team got expanded with more people than just the two founding members. It's base got created in 3 days and there were some updates and improvements ever since. This was also the first game that we were given the chance to present on 2 game expos! (Digital expo 2018, Athens Games Festival 2018) We got to share our ideas with random people, we met more indie game studios based on Greece and got to know how expos work in general, preparing us for the future of our team! If you want to see a full version of the "Where Hope Lies" game or you want to contribute as well to the future of our team, you can donate below!

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