Released: February 2, 2020
Available for Windows (

This is a platformer puzzle 2d game, with pixelart graphics. It is set during a post apocalyptic scenario, the protagonist is a robot that is damaged and finds its parts at first "repairing" itself. But the real repair isn't about the robot, but the actual world. Made for Global Game Jam 2020 within a weekend. The theme was: Repair

This was the first time we participated to the Global Game Jam and this experience was very refreshing for our team. Under 48 hours we were challenged to make a game out of nothing, and we all did a great job in that. We are very proud of the end result and are definitely considering to continue the game idea and release it later on as a full game with no time restrictions. We also met a lot of interesting people there who had the same passion in making games as we do! One of those people is the person responsible for this game's music, "Hollow". If you want to support us in continuing it and make something awesome for the world to play, consider donating or becoming a Patron!

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