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Orama Interactive joins #TeamTrees!

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Calling all fellow artists! Lately, we've been hearing all about climate change and environmental destruction. We want to do something about all this negativity. This Christmas, we have decided to raise awareness for #TeamTrees, a project started by the YouTuber MrBeast and his community, as well as Mark Rober and the Arbor Day Foundation, and has since become one of the biggest collaborations between content creators in the world! Its purpose is to plant 20 million trees by the end of 2020. The good news is, we have already reached 17 million!

Orama Interactive has decided to take part in this incredible collaboration, by creating a community event in order to spread the word to more people with our art, so we will reach the 20 million milestone (and perhaps even more!) faster. We encourage everyone to draw trees, or anything tree-related, and post it in our Orama Community Discord server! After the 25th of December, we will start posting your art in our social media! Please let as many artists as you can know about this! If you upload your drawings in your own social media, make sure to tag Orama Interactive so we can see and repost it!

We understand that not all of us have enough money to donate to the fundraiser, but we can spread the word so more and more people can donate. Let us improve the world, together! We're rooting for you!

May your dreams be your guiding force.

Join our Discord server here: Link to the #TeamTrees fundraiser:

PS: For folks who are interested in pixel art: If you draw using Pixelorama and record it (as a speedpaint perhaps), we will create a video compilation of ALL of your tree drawings and upload it to our YouTube channel!

In case v0.5 isn't out yet by the time you start drawing, we can give you early access to the next version!

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