Game in Development

Oneirophobia (noun): The fear suffered due to experiences with frightening dreams (nightmares) or by negative events in the life affecting dreams. Sufferers try to avoid falling asleep.

Currently just a concept of a game we wanted to make ever since we started developing games. Set in a fantasy mediaval world with magic, possibly an open world RPG, dedicated to the meaning of changing, both ourselves and our societies.

We are not currently working on this particular game, since we lack time, space, money, members. We want this game to be as good as we can make it, so patience is key for us. There are thoughts of it being a trilogy, or even having a prequel game to go with it. We first need to grow our team and to obtain a crowd who likes and expects our games. This game is our ultimate goal-our dream. If what you've heard and seen about this game intrigues you and you are interested in making our dream a reality, consider donating below to help us grow faster!

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